Website & SEO

Make sure you understand what your website means for your business. You may need a very well designed professional site to convey the sense of professionalism that instills confidence your prospects. Others need to rely on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) expertise be found over your competition in a crowed market.

Interestingly for many merchants today it’s only important to come up in search results – your site may not even be viewed. Prospects only need a location, store hours or a menu. Many shoppers rely more on Google maps than web searches. Similarly you may actually get more benefit from your Facebook page than a website.

You need to know your business and your target market to determine where to spend your money & efforts. Could you get by with a basic web presence or do you require extensive SEO work. Some merchants need to invest in Persona based content that will connect with prospects. Others require eCommerce capabilities to maximize your sales/revenue potential.