Credit Card Terminals

Today, there are several different types of credit card machines for you to choose from. You may find that the basic terminal that sits on your counter and plugs into a cable is no longer the ideal option for your business needs. All type are now EMV (chip) compliant and most have NFC enabling use with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, new contactless cards etc. If you have a POS, you may potentially be able to send the transaction amount to the terminal otherwise you could enter manually into the machine.


Smart: Enables you to offer order at the table in addition to pay at the table. For example: if your are a restaurant you can send orders directly to the kitchen from the table.

Benefit: Wireless plus order at the table/limited POS capablilities, employe time clock, rewards programs and much more through app markets.

Traditional: Use this option if you only need to use at your checkout and have either a phone or ethernet cable.

Benefit: Inexpensive, One time expense to own

Examples: Dejavoo, Pax, Ingenico

Wireless: Allows you to offer pay at the table or use at a remote event, such as an expo. These have a battery and WIFI/Celular/Ethernet connection options so payments extend beyond a checkout.

Benefit: Remote use for applications such as Pay at the table or sales at an exhibit booth.

Examples: Pax, Ingenico, Dejavoo

Card Reader/App: Connects to a tablet or smartphone.

Benefit: Least Expensive allows you to use your existing phone or tablet and Cellular plan or wifi along with a payment app to take payments anywhere.

Virtual Terminal: Access from your PC

Benefit: Ideal in office setting where many payments are taken over the phone – Card Not Present(CNP). Also good for B2B or Government purchases allowing for Level 2 & 3 transactions to get the best rates and avoid costly downgrades. Ability to generate/send invoices or a payments page or link.

Examples: ProCharge, APEXGateway, Swipe Simple, NMI,


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