Surcharge Credit Card Processing

The Surcharging method of credit card processing adds a consumer fee only to credit card purchases – this allows the business to offset their credit card processing fees. Though consumers, are still able to avoid the additional fee by paying with a Debit card, Pre-paid card, or cash – all of which incur a lower cost to the business owner than credit card processing fees in all but the smallest transactions. 

How Do I Implement Surcharging?

There are multiple steps required to offer surcharging method of card processing and remain compliant with the Credit Card companies requirements. First off you will need to enter into a new processing agreement, second you will need to provide Visa & Mastercard etc with a 30 day advance notice. After that you will need to post signage at the entrance to your business and also at each point of sale. Lastly your business must be in a state which permits surcharging – which Minnesota does allow.

Is Surcharging Right For My Business?

Today many business owners are turning to Dual Pricing and presenting both a Cash and Credit price to their customers. This allows cash customers to see a savings and for the business to cover all or a portion of the cost to process credit card purchases.


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