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POS Is More Affordable Today

Point of Sale technology has come a long way in the last few years while at the same time cost has been dropping. You can now implement your POS system for what you would have paid for a basic card terminal/reader not many years ago and almost as easily. Trying to operate our business’ the way we did decades ago is going to lead to some going away.

Handles More Of Your Tasks

New tablet based POS systems are affordable, easy to use efficient for taking orders, tracking inventory and cashing out sales. Additionally they include features like scheduling, time clock, and customer loyalty. Remote access allows you to keep tabs on your business real time. Data can be exported for bookkeeping and analysis, enabling you to better project staffing and inventory needs.

Designed For Your Business Type

Many POS solutions are specifically designed for your industry type, such as Pizza shops, Clothing stores, Bike Shops, Restaurants, Liquor stores, Rental stores and many others. These industry specific platforms include features unique to your industry needs – such as ticket splitting, bar tabs, hospitality integration, delivery, rental, service tickets, pay at table, loss prevention, etc.

Matching Your Business Goals

Choose from modern tablet/iPad based to desktop PC Windows systems with all the bells and whistles. Run your business on the system that fits best for your use. Modern tablet based systems with an easy learning curve will make sense for most single location small to mid-sized business. If you have thousands of SKUs and many locations you will want an enterprise system that can handle multiple locations. Many brick and mortar businesses would benefit from a omni-channel solution that will allow you to sell online. 

Consider your business goals are you trying to process orders as fast a possible and collect payment or do you need extensive intentory controls and reporting to run a robust marketing program and determine the most profitable product mix for your business – let’s make sure you have the system that equips you to meet your goals.

POS Systems We currently Have Relationships With:

Paradise is an iPad based POS offering solutions for both Restaurants and Retail Boutiques 

KwickPOS system is the market’s only truly browser-based Omni-channel POS platform. With KwickPOS, the POS terminal, online ordering, back office, inventory, marketing tools and enterprise management are housed in one system that shares a single secure cloud server. Unifying hardware, software, and services, KwickPOS offers a seamless customer experience that you cannot find it anywhere else! Learn More

HotSauce is a Windows based POS capable of serving high volume restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Learn More



Exctouch provides and affordable Windows system for single location Restaurants, Retail or your Service Business. Includes robust support for barcodes and integrated scales making ideal for grocery markets and liquor stores

Bepoz POS

Bepoz is a well established POS providor with deep functionality in multiple Industries, such as Hotels, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Campgrounds and Thrift Stores to name few.  Their system also boasts extensive reporting capabilities.

The SwipeSimple App runs on Android or Apple IOS and is ideal food trucks and contractors with it’s mobile readers, virtual terminal and billing/hosted payments page capabilities. Learn More



APEXNow runs on your Android, Apple IOS or Amazon device and is ideal for mobile payments.

Clover POS

Clover Station

With Clover, there is no “one size fits all” system. You select the right combination of hardware and software solutions to help you run your business better. All of our devices come with built-in software to help you accept payments, offer customer rewards, manage employee schedules, and more. You’ll also have access to hundreds of business management software apps in the Clover App Market that integrate seamlessly with your devices. We’re here to support you every step of the way – 24/7.

Sound POS

Sound POS

Sound POS is a cloud-based POS Solution that combines POS with integrated customer-facing payments and a thermal printer – all in a single ergonomic device. Add an optional cash drawer and bar code scanner and you have a complete, low-cost, enterprise-level point-of-sale system designed exclusively for small to medium businesses.

Vend POS

Featured POS systems @ Merchant Partner LLC:

Paradise POS supports multiple business types including Restaurants & Retail boutiques
HotSauce POS exclusively service Food & Beverage from sit down restaurants to fast paced bars & Night Clubs

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