POS – Point of Sale System

Technology has come a long way in the last few years while at the same time cost has been dropping. You can now implement your POS system for what you would have paid for a basic card terminal/reader not many years ago and almost as easily. Trying to operate our business’s the way we did decades ago is going to lead to some businesses going away.

New tablet based POS systems are affordable, easy to use efficient for taking orders, tracking inventory and cashing out sales. Additionally they include features like scheduling, time clock, and customer loyalty. Remote access allows you to keep tabs on your business real time. Data can be exported for bookkeeping and analysis, enabling you to better project staffing and inventory needs.

Many POS solutions are specifically designed for your industry type, such as Pizza shops, Clothing stores, Bike Shop, Liquor stores, Rental stores and many others. These industry specific platforms include features unique to your industry needs – such as ticket splitting, bar tabs, hospitality integration, delivery, rental, service tickets, loss prevention, etc.

Choose from modern tablet/iPad based to desktop PC Windows systems with all the bell and whistles. Run your business on the system that fits best for your use. Modern tablet based systems with an easy learning curve will make sense for most single location small to mid-sized business. If you have thousands of SKUs and many locations you will want an enterprise system that can handle multiple locations. Many brick and mortar businesses would benefit from a omni-channel solution that will allow you to sell online.

Here are some Point of sale systems I can assist you with:

Paradise POS
Hot Sauce POS exclusively serve Food & Beverage establishments
Hot Sauce – Food & Beverage
Vital Select
mynt POS
Poynt – Retail Cloud, eHopper