Pardise Point of Sale System

The POS Features You Want on an iPad Interface You Love

Retail and restaurant owners choose Paradise POS and its innovative iPad based software which combines legacy POS system functions with the convenience and simplicity an iPad. Paradise POS also offers extra features that make running your business easier, such as customizable features and a security, all backed by their dedicated customer support team.


Your point of sale (POS) software is the foundation of your retail business, carrying the majority of the workload from checking out customers to managing inventory and running reports. Paradise POS was developed to allow retail business owners to better manage business operations with increased profits. View Brochure

Paradise is Ideal


You rely on your point of sale system for more than entering orders and settling checks for your restaurant — you also need a POS that you can leverage for inventory management and reporting. That’s why Paradise developed iPad POS software that restauranteurs can rely on for accurate orders, improved productivity and decreased costs.

Use Paradise For

24/7 Support

Support is available all day every day by phone or email. Quick access to support sets Paradise apart from the competition.

Uninterruped Service

Be internet independent – as a hybrid network/cloud solution you can continue to take orders and do business even if the internet is down. Your data is always backed up to the cloud and always local.

Additionally with an optional failover router you can automatically switch over to cellular and continue to process payments in real time.

Includes Features that Typically Cost Extra $$

  • Loyalty
  • Rewards
  • Business Reporting
  • Delivery & To Go

Online Ordering

No Secret Fees

  • Monthly Flat Fee
  • Zero Commissions
  • No Setup Fee
  • Integrated with POS

Direct Paradise Integration

  • import your POS menu with the option for online price increases
  • Compatible with Cash Discount programs
  • Singular or batch reporting
  • Connects to your processor

Simple to Use POS

  • Links directly from your website
  • 60 day trial
  • Unlimited orders
  • Upload images with ease

Fully Contactless

  • Contactless order & pay
  • Scan QR code to order
  • Pay via mobile device

Mobile POS

Paradise Mobile POS
  • Order at Table
  • Send to Kitchen Printer or Display
  • Pay At Table
  • Print, eMail or Text Receipt

Scan To Order

Scan to Order using QR Code

Place on Table Tents, Menus, Signs or anywhere else accessible to your customers.

Choose the configuration that best fits your needs

Paradise POS System Configurations

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