Online & eCommerce - Payment Gateway

Looking to take payments electronically either through a website, emailed invoices or at your desk?

An online payment gateway maybe just what you are looking for! This will allow you to route payments to your merchant account. You can add a payment button to your website and link to a Secure Payment Page generated by the gateway. A payment gateway will allow you to send invoices to customers and have the payment routed to your merchant account. Maybe you want to sell online and need to connect your shopping cart to your merchant account, this can be accomplished by using a Gateway.

Use a Gateway to:

  • Send electronic invoices
  • Securely store client account information
  • Connect a Payment button to a Secure Payments Page
  • Handle recurring billing securely
  • Process and Manage Payments through a virtual terminal
  • Connect to multiple Merchant IDs
  • Generate Reporting
  • Connect with your accounting software
  • Process Electronic Checks
  • Meet Level 2/3 processing requirements
  • Connect your websites shopping cart to your Merchant account
  • Integrate with 3rd party software applications

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