Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have been shown increase revenue more than the cost of the program and a small increase in extra visits can make a significant increase in profitability. Many business’ such as coffee, pizza, and Sub shops are ideal for loyalty programs.

There are many ways to go about setting up a loyalty program; some POS systems and terminals have their own program or partner with a 3rd party. Some programs require customers to carry around a plastic loyalty card and others require customers to download an app. For many business’ these will not be embraced well, customers maybe willing to add an app a popular national coffee chain, but that doesn’t mean they will for your business. People are hesitant to load one more app or carry around one more card, it’s just not practical to do for every merchant the do business with.

There are some lower friction options where the Credit card they already uses for purchases can be attached to your program removing the friction of yet another app to load or card to fit in their wallet/purse/keyring. Other programs require customers to log into a separate device on each visit and some of these may carry a high enough cost to your business to negate the benefit to you.

You have more than just point earning rewards to create return visits once you have a customer enrolled in a rewards program or to receive email receipts etc you can include promotions to bring them in as well. The sooner you start gathering contact information the sooner you will be able to create effective marketing efforts.