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HotSauce™ Technologies has been the leading software provider for hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars and nightclubs since 1998. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has grown tremendously due to the incredible demands for a powerful, reliable, yet cost effective product. By utilizing the latest technology and stellar support, HotSauce POS has become the leading provider of restaurant ordering systems in the industry today.

27/7 Live Customer Support

HotSauce pioneered 24/7 live Suport. With backgrounds in the Food and Beverage industry their staff is equipped to understand your support needs of your restaurant, bar, or food truck.

Real Time Redundancy

HotSauce POS offers Real Time Data Redundancy ensuring your  business always runs smoothly without loss of information.  Using SQL Server Technology, HotSauce provides constant real time data replication by storing a copy of your database into a separate computer.  By running on a local onsite network you are not dependent on Cloud access or at the mercy of your local internet provider.

Simple to Use Back Office

HotSauce Back Office is a simple, powerful tool that allows you to configure the Front of the House system to fit your business operations. You can easily modify your Point of Sale system to accommodate your changing bar or restaurant needs. Access reporting onsite anytime or if you need remote access offsite you can add Mission Control.

Configured for your Restaurant

Flexible Order Taking that Makes Sense Bars

Use Fast Bar at be able to immediately take & cash out a client and move directly to the next order with the ability to convert the order to an open tab. You can exit Fast Bar to start a ticket for a sit down table order or a quick service order for takeout. The flexiblity to take each kind of order as it makes sense for your staff & your customer sets HotSauce apart from the competition. You are able to accommodate both fast paced bar orders and relaxed sit down dining using the right tool for the job.

Don’t leave money on the table or frustrate patrons because your POS can’t keep up. Our local economy is tourist driven and your business need to turn a profit during peak season to make up for the off-season.

Fast Bar Demo

Additional POS Modules Available

HotSauce Online Ordering Demo
HoutSauce Driver Routing / Delivery Demo

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