enable financing - Consumer Finance Platform

Increase Sales

Offering payment plans and promotional financing helps drive increased sales and conversions for your business.

Increase Approvals

Programs custom designed to meet your needs, including 100% approval programs for qualified industries.

Say Yes More

Financing options help make your product or service more affordable and appeal to more customers. Why sell $5000 total when you can sell $50/month?

Provide Better Options

With enable, consumers are always presented with a variety of payment options. Let them select the plan that fits best within their budget, this puts your customer in the driver’s seat. Why offer a one size fits all solution?

Get Paid

Let financing be the easy part. enable funds you directly and their lenders take on the risk of borrower repayment. No more chasing payments or dealing with managing your in-house financing program.

Financing Programs

Installment loan direct to Practice – 6 Mo Same as Cash / Treat Now Pay Later

100% Approval – 12 Mo Same as Cash / Treat Now Pay Later

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