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Business Capital for Merchants processing through our Partners

Funds fast, when they have to be. Some setbacks need to be dealt with promptly for your business to continue operating. Imagine trying to run and Ice Cream shop without a cooler, or an Auto Repair shop with-out a lift, a Pizzaria with-out a pizza oven, or a lawn service business w/o a mower.

When your business needs it now, you can tap into your future earnings to get it quickly. You may have other for profit opportunities that makes sense to utilize a Business Capital Loan, however Merchant Partner does not recommend it for general Operation expenses.

Rapid Finance is a leading online financial services company that offers fast, flexible funding solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Having provided more than $2 Billion in business financing nationwide, Rapid Finance’s premier marketplace lending platform helps small business owners choose the best capital solutions for their business needs within hours.

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